What is this 'Albergo Diffuso' ?

The "Albergo Diffuso" has no corrispondent word in english because it's a new way to do holidays in Italy. A new kind of italian Hospitality, a country hotel, with rooms and services situated in different buildings and managed by a single centralized unit structure. A tourist's formula that, recovers old closed buildings and make them more confortable respecting their architectures. With no damage for the integrity and the landscapes of our wonderfull territory. See them now. Ancient houses of the medieval village, where history meets culture, allows the tourist to live the real life with the other residents, to hear it is left some neighborhoods, to share culture and traditions.

'Albergo Diffuso' in Smerillo.

The model of hospitality of the "Albergo diffuso" or "Hotel Country" itself it's specially suitable to Smerillo, a small medieval village in the marca fermana (marche - Italy), where lives about 400 souls, houses in stone and with a lot of care in the details, merged in a charming nature, at the back of the "Monti Sibillini" (Sybilline's Mountains - Marches -Italy) .
Smerillo is a true village, out of time, where the words gain thoughtlessness and the communication is done easier. For this particularity, Smerillo is also, for a long time, attended by poets and was called "Stronghold of the poetry".
From 1998, the local government of Smerillo made aware different proprietors to restore their houses and make them available for this new kind of italian hospitality, and make them part of Hotel Spread - Albergo Diffuso Smerillo. The reorganization had not some environmental impact and the building recovered was made in the respect of the architectural typologies existing, exploiting the peculiarity of every building in an innovative manner. Today the hotel Spread Smerillo is made use of a receptive capacity of about 60 places read positioned in different typologies of lodgings, with different features, located in the Smerillo's village and in the adjacent fractions, that do head to a single unique reception, situated in the historic city center of the Country. The Reception supplies the customer all of the tourist services, make him feels like at home and allow the tourist to be contact with a simple mail, soaked of human relations intense. A vacation spent in the hotel Spread Smerillo will allow the tourist to hear himself citizens without time of this small village, merged with an age-old culture and with intenses human relations.

Saturday, June 21-28
and July 5, 2008

Smerillo (AP) Marche Italy

Circuit of Kitchens Typical of Piceno
"The herbs taste and mysteries"

Albergo Diffuso Smerillo - View from the Rocca

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